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Business Opportunity Information

Is it another new energy vehicle worth around 30000 yuan that meets the needs of the Chinese people? Show you Omega

Is it another new energy vehicle worth around 30000 yuan that meets the needs of the Chinese people? Show you Omega

Recently, the topic of low-priced new energy vehicles has been attracting much attention. Not long ago, we introduced a new energy vehicle of less than 30,000 yuan called Huazi No. 1, which has received enthusiastic attention from consumers. And now, there is another model that is about to hit the market that has caught our interest, and it is the Omega. The design style of Omega is unique, and the exterior gives people a visual sense of a miniature version of the Land Rover. Not only that, but it also features a two-tone body design, which is very rare in low-priced new energy vehicles. Next, let's take a look at this highly anticipated Omega.

#August Training Camp | Growing and Charging Continuously

Never stop, originating from perseverance, Learning is the driving force for growth, It is a ladder that makes people progress. Only by maintaining continuous learning, To keep up with the times.

Focus on youth fashion trend and convenience - Focus on Huazi No.1!

Relying on a strong micro car R&D and design team, the front grille adopts a closed upper grille, which is integrated with the front headlight assembly. The overall design presents a "smiling face" visual effect, adding fashion and cuteness. The bright and sharp crystal diamond projection headlights, with sharp edges and cute fashion, effectively improve driving safety, have a wide range of light exposure, and low energy consumption.

An indispensable energy vehicle in urban life

The tail design with dynamic lines makes the body shape more fashionable. The fashionable shell style combination taillights look cute and eye-catching. The high mounted brake lights not only showcase a sporty style, but also have a sense of technological fashion, making night driving more visible and improving driving safety.

Omega - Opening a New Era of New Energy Mobility!

Ergonomic sports seats with moderate soft and hard padding for a comfortable feel; The interior color can be customized according to customer needs, perfectly combining fashion and refinement; The central door lock function can implement centralized control of all vehicle door switches; Electric windows, optional heating and cooling air conditioning; The rotary gear shifting mechanism provides smooth shifting, easier operation, and a strong sense of technology, instantly upgrading the driving pleasure.



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