After sales support

After sales support


1. Extra Long Warranty

New energy vehicles provide users with core components (power batteries, drive motors, motor controllers) for eight years or 120000 kilometers with an extended warranty period, so you don't have to worry about warranty issues!


2. Genuine spare parts

New energy vehicle spare parts follow the same production and inspection standards as the original vehicle parts. It ensures the quality of the entire vehicle, ensures the driving safety and performance of the vehicle, and is your first choice for your car!

2.1 The company has a comprehensive accessory management process and system guarantee. Under the same competitive conditions, our company will provide users with genuine spare parts at the most favorable price, quickly meeting their needs. Common accessories should be resolved within three working days, and special accessories should be resolved within five working days.
2.2 Each vehicle produced by the company enjoys a conditional warranty service commitment. During normal maintenance, use, and within the scope and duration of the warranty service, if the vehicle is damaged or the performance is reduced due to material, design, and manufacturing issues, and it is identified by our company's after-sales department or authorized service station as our company's responsibility, our company will provide warranty service and trace and claim compensation from the responsible unit based on the cause of the fault.
2.3 In case of major vehicle malfunctions or suspected safety hazards, the company or customers may entrust a third-party professional organization to conduct identification. If the company is indeed the responsible party, the expenses incurred shall be borne by the company; If the identification is indeed due to personal factors of the customer or there are no safety hazards, the expenses incurred shall be borne by the customer themselves;
After the completion of incident handling, the company will form a summary report to improve the physical quality of products and prevent safety risks.
The validity period and warranty period of the new car's three guarantees are based on the date of the purchase invoice. When users request quality assurance services, they must present the purchase invoice and three guarantees certificate to the authorized service station of our company. Otherwise, the authorized service station cannot provide quality assurance services to users.


3. Quick response

New energy vehicles provide you with multiple feedback channels such as hotline (400-8277129), official website, 4S store, etc., to answer your questions and solve problems as soon as possible!

3.1 There is a comprehensive technical communication platform between the company and authorized service stations. If there are problems with after-sales service, the service station can consult technical issues through multiple channels and receive timely technical support.
3.2 Passive technical support channels: Fill out the "Quality Information Feedback Form" and transfer it to the technical support email, call the technical support service hotline, and contact the local regional service manager;
3.3 Technical active support channels: The remote monitoring platform monitors the usage status of market vehicles at any time, promptly analyzes the cause of faults when an alarm vehicle is detected, and provides technical guidance to the service station for handling and solving the problem. If the service station is still unable to complete the vehicle repair, the company's technical service department will assign technical engineers to rush to the service station to assist in handling the problem. Technical issues will be compiled into an after-sales technical report and submitted to the quality department. Based on the root cause of the problem, the quality department will instruct the R&D department or factory to solve and improve it.


4. Dedicated service

The professional after-sales team of new energy vehicles provides you with on-site maintenance (simple faults are solved on the spot, difficult problems need to be returned to the repair station), allowing you to solve your car problems without leaving your home

During the warranty period promised by our company, users should strictly follow the regulations in the use and maintenance of the vehicle. The company provides first free maintenance for the vehicles sold. From the date of purchase, users shall undergo their first free maintenance (referred to as "first maintenance") at our authorized service station in accordance with the maintenance manual for the purchased model.


5. Battery recycling

New energy vehicles provide users with green and environmentally friendly transportation methods, and professional recycling and disposal channels for waste power batterie

For the vehicles sold in the market, the market power Battery recycling service network is responsible for the recovery and management (residual value assessment, storage, transportation, etc.), and the third-party recycling enterprise disassembles the used power batteries and recycles Recycling; The scope of power battery recycling: faults, accidents, scrapped vehicles, etc.


6. Rescue services

New energy vehicles promise to provide you with the fastest rescue services 24/7, anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year!

6.1 Safety risk investigation, detection, and prevention of vehicle mounted remote terminals. When an abnormal signal is detected, the vehicle mounted remote terminal will automatically send an alarm reminder. Professional technical personnel from the company's technical service department will analyze and investigate, and entrust a locally authorized service station to conduct on-site testing and handling. If necessary, entrust communication with local rescue agencies (public security, fire protection, medical, etc.) to implement rescue.
6.2 Rescue in the event of an accident. When an accident occurs, the customer promptly contacts the company or service station through the customer hotline or service station hotline and receives timely rescue.
6.3 Technical Support and Recall After Accidents: In the event of safety related technical issues, the company, as the manufacturer, will report them to the relevant government departments, who will provide corresponding suggestions. If a recall is required, the company will establish a special project team to quickly implement actions and reduce market safety risks. Vehicles with hidden faults will be suspended in production and market sales until the problem is resolved.